Sunday, September 17, 2006

Not much going on here besides work. I think I'm starting to wear myself down. It was an ok weekend as far as work, but a good visit with the sister mixed in. Glad I got to see Becky too! Even though I live here, I've only been uptown a few times since moving. Since Steinkellar was a little busy at dinner time, we ate at Skipper's on Saturday, then went back to the Stein for a drink. At home, Rachel worked on her Who Dey sweatshirt while I feel asleep on the couch after a looong day at work. Sunday was a LOST marathon, my Who Dey sweatshirt, dinner at First Run (now Brick Street), and more LOST. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rear Ended

My roommate and I were in a car accident yesterday. We ran home for lunch and we on our way back to the office when we were rear ended by a semi. No one was hurt, except Angie's poor Camry; there is a lot of damage. The whole back end of her car will probably have to be replaced. Since I wasn't driving, I wasn't paying any attention and it took me about a minute to realize what had happened, that we had been hit. I walked to the police station, it was less than a block away and the officer was there momentarily. Angie and I were both pretty shaken up and decided it wasn't a good idea to work late and that we needed McDonald's for dinner. ;-) Unfortunately, we're still waiting on the police report, so Angie can file the claim with her insurance. So, another thing to add to the madness in my life right now. I'm sitting here at work, listening and watching to the Miami football game on trying to get a little work done when most of our staff is at Purdue.

Side note - the head coach at Purdue went to my high school!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Week of Firsts

This has definitely been week of firsts for me. I made it through my first soccer game, first football game, and my first volleyball match as the Asst. Dir. of Marketing and Promotions. In fact, I'm acting as the entire sports marketing department until Tuesday. The FB game was the big one that I was worried about. It's a major production, especially with the videoboard. I have really enjoyed learning about the videoboard and loading stuff onto it and running it, even if I do run into some wildlife every once in a while. I am lucky to have good people who helped me out on game day! They made it easier on me. I'm so glad the first one is over and now I can have a better idea how to iron out a few things for the next one. Too bad the team didn't play as well as we imagined.