Friday, August 17, 2012

The Ultimate List Maker

Have you guys heard about WorkFlowy yet?!  It's awesome for people who love to make lists!  Rachel was the one who introduced me to it last week.  I always have multiple lists that I write down and then they never seem to all be together.  This website makes it so easy to organize multiple lists and keep your life in order.  You can use it for work, chores, home projects, gift ideas, shopping lists, goals, etc. I love it!!  If you are a nerd like me and enjoy spreadsheets, you will love it too.  You can cross things off and either make them go away or just keep them on the list and see they are crossed off.  I need the latter b/c I love seeing how many things I've accomplished on each list.  The website and concept is really quite simple, but it's such a great idea to keep everything in one place.

At first, I debated on how I wanted to organize mine.  Do I make a list for every day or the week or one big long list?  I decided that I will keep a weekly to do list at the top and work from that mostly.  Then my secondary lists are below that.  It's so fun b/c you can make lists within lists! For instance, I have my weekly list at the top and then a shopping list lower down.  Within my weekly list, I might have, "go to the grocery store" and then on my shopping list, I have the items I need.  It's nice b/c you can quickly add to it as you think of things and just go to your computer or phone rather than hoping you have the list with you or searching for a piece of paper.  I also have wish lists, goals, books to read, small projects and things for work.  Let me know if you try and whether or not you like using it to be more organized.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bachelorette - Finale

So, obviously this is way out of date, but I still figured I would comment.  I think it's great that Emily ended up with Jef.  She handled everything with a lot of tact, especially letting Arie go.  They are going to make such a wonderful little family.  Best wishes to them and I look forward to hearing updates via twitter or our good buddy Chris Harrison.  Maybe we'll see a beautiful wedding next year sometime!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bachelorette - Men Tell All

As I said last time, I think the Men Tell All episode just prolongs our time before the finale.  This one was pretty much the usual.  I LOVED how Emily put some of them in their place.  It was so awesome that she called Kalon out on his B.S.  He's such a pompous ass.  Ryan too.  I'm excited to watch the finale.  Is she gonna pick anyone?  Who?!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fourth of July

I'm a little late on this.  It's a good excuse to blog about something other than The Bachelorette.  I can still feel the last remnants of Fourth of July celebrations!  I had the opportunity to go out on Lake Travis (with mostly strangers) and got to see fireworks.  Last year, fireworks were banned in Austin and most of Texas b/c of the wildfire danger and drought conditions.  The year before I missed out on fireworks too, so it was awesome to be able to enjoy them this year.  It was a decent show, but not what I'm used to in either Toledo for the 4th or Cincinnati for Labor Day, where they do it up big with a major production with themed music and everything.  I was only missing the patriotic music.  We went swimming throughout the day and I got to try tubing!  The name sounds deceiving though b/c I consider a tube to have a hole in the middle, but whatever.  Unfortunately, I got whiplash and can still feel it a little in my neck.  I feel like I was in a car accident.  It was a lot of fun though at the time.

Other notes:

  • 30 Day Shred has literally shredded my legs the past couple of days and it hurts to move. :-/  Hoping the thunder will stay away and let me swim tonight instead.  
  • We got some rain!  There hasn't been a drop since sometime in May.  I always love a good thunder storm.
  • I'm no longer working three jobs.  Finished my last day at the sweatshop two weeks ago and no longer working as a ticket seller.  I'm now able to work in marketing at UT 40 hours a week.  Still no benefits, but it could be in the (hopefully) near future.  It will take some time to adjust, I'm not used to a normal routine.
  • Last week was actually higher temperatures in Ohio than in Texas!  We were sitting right at 100 about  everyday.
  • I learned how to create a Virtual Bridal Shower and am currently hosting one for my friend, Terri.  She's getting married August 4 and it's a great way to do something long distance.
  • Zac Brown Band has a new album.  I heard a bit of it last night and seems like it's going to be another great album.  Not a surprise, coming from them!
  • Our department moved into brand new offices and we're now located in the North End Zone (NEZ) of the Texas football stadium.  I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty fancy!
  • I worked out 14 times in June.  My goal is to work out 16 times in July.  I've done five workouts so far, so hopefully it's attainable.  I can't let laziness win!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bachelorette - 3 left

I actually got to watch it live last night!  I only missed the first few minutes with Sean.  What an emotional episode...geez.  Emily is such a sweetheart.  I cannot express to you how much I love that she has values and said no to staying over night with each of the guys.  I have to imagine that is the first for this show.

There was only a few minutes where I thought I might be wrong on the final two.  During the video messages they each recorded, I'm pretty sure that Arie was the only one who didn't mention Ricki.  I could have missed it, but I don't remember him saying anything about her.  That made me think Emily might send him home.  For me, it really clicked when she asked herself if she was throwing away the one thing she's prayed for all along, the perfect guy.  She has always described Sean as the perfect guy.  But did you notice how nervous he was on the beach?  And it seemed like she was just waiting for him to say what she needed to hear.  That has to be so hard!  I just can't get enough of Emily.

Next week is the Men Tell All, which I usually think is just an excuse to prolong the finale and make us wait. Of course I still watch it though.