Tuesday, May 23, 2006


OK, so I must post about the weekend devoted to the Marvin Lewis Community Fund, my former internship. Sunday was the 3rd Annual Marvin Lewis Golf Classic (MLGC) at Shaker Run Golf Club. In the past three years, I have spent countless hours at the community fund, and keep going back for more (Mary and Terri can relate).

Terri and I were assigned to be the Volunteer Coordinators this year, serving as the point people in the volunteer holding area. We checked in all volunteers, morning and afternoon shifts, gave them their t-shirts, information packet, and name tag with MLGC lanyard and tag was signed by Coach Lewis himself, and instructed them where to go and what to do. We were in the "old" clubhouse all day (not glamorous) - all day meaning 6:45am until 8pm. We were constantly asked questions and continually entertained by the volunteers. It amazed me that people were so concerned about their t-shirt size.

"What do you mean you don't have a women's medium?" (The women's small would fit a 5 yr old and the women's large would fit a 7 yr old - there was barely an inch difference in size)

"Our names won't be on that list, we are so much more important than the people on that list!" (wouldn't we have known who they were?)

We finally made it down to the Auction Tent at about 6pm, this is where the golfers finish the day with an after party. There always a live band, tons of decorations, food, and silent auction items. In the past, Terri and I have been in the Auction Tent decorating, so we were glad to get down to the party to see how it turned out. It was kind of nice that we didn't have to deal with the auction closeout (good job Mary).

All in all, it's fun day where the Bengals, local celebs, and other athletes and coaches come out to support Coach's community fund and help raise money for kids in the tri-state.
Terri - Thanks for the pictures. Good thing one of us has gone digital.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Jane Austen Book Club

by Karen Joy Fowler

This is the third book I've read with my new book club. We got together tonight to talk about The Jane Austen Book Club. Five of us showed up for discussion. The usual bistro where we meet was closed for the evening, so we walked down the street a few blocks to find a small pizza joint. We all enjoyed the discussion about the book rather than the book itself.

Synopsis - There are six members (5 women and 1 man) of their book club and they've decided to read each of Jane Austen's six books. Most of the members have already read Austen, it's like they have an obsession with her. This book is mostly about the book club meetings and getting to know the members of the club, how they met, and how they perceive Austen's writing. Over the six months of their meetings, marriages are tested, relationships begin and end and begin again, and each finds love.

Only one person in our book club has read a novel by Jane Austen. We thought their were too many characters named, especially from the Austen books, and made it hard to follow. At times, it was confusing as to who was narrating. In our discussion, we talked about general life complexities (confrontations, happiness, unhappiness, and genealogies) and tried to dissect the characters a little more.

One passage I shared with the group that struck me as interesting:

"When I was driving to the hospital, I thought if Allegra (her daughter) was all right I would be the happiest woman in the world. And she was, and I was. But today the sink is backed up and there are roaches in the garage and I don't have the time to deal with any of it. The newspaper is filled with misery and war. Already I have to remind myself to be happy. And you know, if it were the other way, if something had happened to Allegra, I wouldn't have to remind myself to be unhappy. I'd be unhappy the rest of my life. Why should unhappiness be so much more powerful that happiness?" (Sylvia)
"One difficult member spoils a whole group, one disappointment ruins a whole day." (Jocelyn)
"One infidelity wipes out year of faithfulness." (Sylvia)
"It takes ten weeks to get into shape and ten days to get out of it." (Jocelyn)
"That's my point. We don't stand a chance." (Sylvia)

Are you unhappy? Do you have to remind yourself to be happy? I definitely find myself falling into this trap.

**I realize the 4 people who read this blog are probably in shock. Yes, there really are 3 posts for today, even a long one!

Teddy Grahams

I have to mention that I'm eating Teddy Grahams today as a mid-morning snack. A co-worker, who is back part time from maternity leave, gave them to me as a gift from her newborn son. His name is Teddy. So cute!

On time for once

Believe it or not, I was on time to work today. 8:00AM on the dot. You see, this is my goal for everyday, unfortunately all through the winter I've had trouble leaving my house anytime before 7:12 or 7:15, causing me to get to work at about 8:10. I realize this isn't a huge deal, but if I could just get myself out of bed in the morning I would probably get off to a better start. Instead, I choose to rush around like a maniac trying to get out of the house. I just cannot get up. I set about 5 alarms, 3 on my cell phone, 1 on my clock radio, 1 on my stereo. All going off at different times and I either ignore or snooze repeatedly. How exhausting b/c they are set at different spots around the room and the stereo is in the dining room for goodness sake. You'd think if I was getting up to turn down or turn off the music or alarm, I could just stumble into the bathroom and start getting ready. But no! I just go back to bed. I've actually had this problem for quite some time, occasionally, I will go through phases where I do ok, but usually it's a problem. I'm a night person, so I stay up too late, causing part of the ridiculousness. Maybe I need to be more organized with my time so I'm not so rushed. Maybe I just need more rest. Hmmm.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Did I really just pay $4.29 for a Mother's Day card? And it wasn't even one of those fancy schmancy cards, I just liked the text. Why do they have to be so expensive? Geez.

Texting during prayer?

Does anyone else find it offensive to hear someone playing with their cell phone during a prayer? I mean, are we so available to people that we can't put down our phones long enough to have (or listen to) a conversation with God?

Monday, May 08, 2006

One Year Anniversary

OK, I just typed a post and lost it. Geez. Anyway, I can't help but think about starting here a year ago. I can't believe it's already been that long! A lot has changed in my position since I started, and I would like to see more changes still. Like with any new job, I was wondering how I would fill my hours and trying to find anything to do to get acquainted with my new environment and "home," if you will. Tonight, I have a thousand and one things on my To Do list and just hope that I'll get through everything I need to this week. I'd like to think that the hard work I've put in has made a good impression. Even though I have mixed feelings about my job, I really feel that I've grown and learned a lot. I'm thankful for my experience here and interaction with interesting people. It's a good feeling, knowing that I'm getting the most out of my position and building a foundation for a real career (trying to be positive).


...maybe it's time to replace Bruno. We'll see about that.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

nothing in particular

so, i don't really have anything to post about, but i figure since a week has gone by, i should write something.

the biggest loser (earlier post) still isn't going very well with all parties involved. hopefully we can make something happen in the last month.

so i'm set on the fact that i'm moving to oxford in june. it will be very weird, living in a college town. the savings on rent (renting from a friend with a house), gas, and time (commute) seem to be worth sacrificing life in a mid-sized city. fear not, i will still attend church at lifespring and continue other activities in the nati. maybe it will be the happy medium.

as far as trips for the summer, i need some ideas and travel partners. i'm thinking about going to chicago for memorial day weekend. i have to visit a couple friends and a baby (Malachi). i also need to head up to northwest ohio, since i haven't been home since christmas. i'm welcome to other ideas for a real vacation. i have to take time off in the summer, b/c once football season hits, good luck in having spare time before christmas!

i know i'm obsessed, but i can't get enough of sex and the city. i love it, love it, love it. currently renting season 3 from the library. the episode of charlotte's wedding gets me every time. every time i watch it, i cry.

that's all i have for now.