Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To me, Risk = Hurt = Scary

This is kind of a comment (and by comment, I mean question) related to Rachel’s blog, to satisfy Erin’s need for a new post, and the fact that I need some input.

For someone who doesn’t know how or feel right taking risks … How does one know if it’s the right guy?

P.S. It was risky enough for me to post this.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

Don't forget to get your paczki's today! Celebrate the Polish tradition and enjoy a tremendous pastry.

Monday, February 19, 2007

For crying out loud

OK. No one has ever bought me flowers. And by no one, I mean no boy has ever bought me flowers…sure I’ve been given flowers at birthdays and graduations and what not. Until this past weekend…when Roomie bought me one dozen, red, long stem roses. They were beautifully packaged in white tissue paper with green ivory and tied with twine-like ribbon into a bow. After he handed it to me, I continued to browse through Vogue. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS? I continued looking at the magazine until Sarah yelled at me to open them. I didn’t want to look up because if I didn’t, then it wouldn’t be real. Now, I don’t want to seem ungrateful. It’s fabulous to get flowers. It’s better when they aren’t from a freak. It’s best when they are from someone in which you have mutual interest. The roses are pretty to even someone who thinks roses are cliché. I’m more about hydrangeas, peonies, carnations, tulips, daisies, or sunflowers. I’m just being too picky. Either way, the roses are centered on the dining room table mixed with baby’s breath looking quite lovely. Roses from Chinatown…at least it provided some entertainment for the group.

Portage County and P-Sula

As you already know from reading Rachel’s blog that it was a good weekend. It was so much fun to hang out with the girls and to see Becky again.

Friday night, the margaritas were superb as well as the DJ. Nice timing on having it ready right when I opened the door! I prefer not to be soaked (and I do mean literally drenched) in cranberry and vodka. I also prefer that Miranda doesn’t ignore us.

The Randolph Library was as quaint as ever. I probably enjoyed thumbing through Modern Bride a little too much. The group, minus Rachel was overly excited for Sugar Cinnamon Balls from some little Italian carryout place that I can’t remember its name.

Rascal, Sarah’s kitten is extremely adorable.

I’m actually considering a purchase of western boots from Clippity Clop. I haven’t figured out why as of yet. I tried on about six pairs.

Roses – to be explained more specifically in the next post.

The formal dinner party turned out to be not-so-formal. We wouldn’t have been out of place in hoodies and jeans, but we felt glamorous regardless of our company. J&T Events could have lent a hand with the planning of the event and silent auction. I’m now the proud owner of a United States Air Force Paver.

I love the CD that Sarah made, although I don’t think I have ever listened to so much country music in my life. I listened to Red High Heels and Settlin’ about eight times each on the drive home. Does this mean I should buy the boots?

My roommate noticed this morning that my tire was completely flat, so she brought me to work. Maybe I was lucky to make it home! ;-(

Too bad that we don’t all live closer to each other!!! We seriously need to figure out what city we are moving to for the next chapter of our lives. Of course, it will dependent on jobs and what not. And Sarah, you really need to start a blog!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Things to do before I'm 40

Visit Hawaii
Visit Alaska (visit all 50 states by this time)
Attend an Olympic event
Go on an African Safari
Visit New Zealand
Live outside Ohio
Run a 10k
Own a house
Play the piano
Pay off education loans
Be a part of a community band

Might be getting ahead of myself, but these lists are fun!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Things to do before I'm 30

Run a 5k
Grad School
Attend a U2 or Elton John concert (saw Elton - was amazing!)
Have a job at Miami
Go to a Final Four game

To be completed:
Go on a cruise
Cross country road trip
Visit Las Vegas
See the Tonight Show live
Travel abroad
Learn to play guitar
Puruse photography
Pay off my car
See the Oprah show live
Meet my goal weight

I've got a lot of work to do ...