Monday, May 21, 2007

PostSecret change of plans

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the PostSecret Event in Athens. It was probably the best decision, considering it would have been a long trip for one day. Too bad we couldn't get our books signed though. Maybe Frank Warren will come through this way again sometime. Be sure to check the website this week, secrets are changed and updated every Sunday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Passport Photo

I just got back from my Passport Application Appointment, scheduled at the Oxford Post Office. I turned in my check, application, original birth certificate, and 2 inch photos. In 10 weeks, I should be expecting my passport in the mail. How exciting! I have no trip planned currently, but it’s still exciting. On my list of things to do by the time I’m 30, I have to travel abroad, so I’m just getting my affairs in order to begin the planning.

Let me tell you about the passport photo. Having worked at a photo lab for an extended period of time, I’ve taken my share of passport photos. Let me tell you, there are some interesting people who came in to get theirs. Babies were always the hardest b/c they were crying and you have to get their head to fill a certain portion of the 2 inch square. And some babies can’t really hold their head up, so it looks read weird. Anyway, I went to the Walgreen’s in Stow, OH to get my photo. The girl working had no personality whatsoever. I pay and look at my photo. It was bad. I mean BAD. I get in the car and I look at it again. I look like my mother. I weigh at least 250 pounds and have at least 4 chins. It was BAD. I decided to pay to get another one. I mean, I’m going to have this damn passport for 10 years, right? So, I go to the print center on campus. The guy gave me time to put on my fake smile and guess what! I like the picture. It’s surprisingly better than the other one. When you compare the two, it’s disgusting. In a two week period, it appears as though I’ve lost 25 pounds, when in reality…I weigh the same (also disgusting).

What a long boring post to say that I enjoy my new photo and am excited about getting my passport. Now I can start my life (well, in 10 weeks I can)!

Monday, May 14, 2007


"Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed."

- Storm Jameson

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Is it possible? Probably not.

There are a few of ways in which there is a small glimmer of light at the end of my tunnel.

1. Our last home event is officially this Saturday, May 19th with a 1PM Baseball game.
2. Students are gone for the summer (most of them anyway).
3. Wednesday I'm going to a follow up appointment with my Dr. to see if I am mono-free.

There are several ways in which there will probably never be a light at end of my tunnel.

1. Summer is time to plan for next year - hard core plan.
2. I still have to manage interns - no break from
3. I probably haven't rested enough and still have mono.
4. I just created a "Summer Timeline" for work and it makes me want to cry.
5. Reunion Weekend is June 15th-17th.
6. Freshman Orientation starts May 30th and goes through June 28th.
7. NACMA Convention is June 7th-10th - a weekend that would have otherwise been free.
8. Football season will be right around the corner.

I'm sure I could list more. Sigh. This is the life I have chosen.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I wanted to post about this earlier, but I got Rachel and book for her birthday and didn’t want to give it away. Now I can post freely. A co-worker of mine brought in Frank Warren’s first PostSecret book and I was intrigued. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. I just learned that Frank’s wife committed suicide 8 years ago and that was the beginning of the hope hotline and postsecret. He wanted people to have a place to send their secrets. The books are very interesting to look at and fascinating to see which secrets you might relate to. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are disturbing. I think about how much thought would have to go into the placement of the secrets in the book, it would be important to have a funny secret next to a gloomy secret that breaks your heart. The artwork that people have come up with is amazingly creative. There is also a PostSecret website that is updated every Sunday. I have it linked on my sidebar. On Saturday, May 19th, Frank Warren is speaking on the campus of Ohio University. So far, I’m planning to attend. The thought I leave you with, what are your secrets?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SATC - Season 6 Part One

"After Miranda said the s-word twice, I wondered if should was another disease plaguing women. Did we want babies and perfect honeymoons? Or did we think we should have babies and perfect honeymoons? How do we separate what we could do from what we should do? And here’s an alarming thought, it’s not just peer pressure, it seems to be coming from within. Why are we should-ing all over ourselves?"