Thursday, November 27, 2008

There is no reason

to go back to Lawton, OK. The BCT graduation was nice and everything, but Lawton is kind of a dump. It reminded me of Hamilton a little. Check out the photos on Flickr (link is on the sidebar). John has 8 weeks left of training and does get to come home for Christmas.

Tomorrow is my third Thanksgiving in Oxford. I'm not too excited about it. I would rather be at home with family like most everyone else. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Wow. Has it really been that long since I posted? Geez. As always, I've been busy with work. Things are crazy when football, ice hockey, and basketball are all going at the same time. Tomorrow, I'm headed to Oklahoma. It sounds weird, I know b/c most people wouldn't go to Oklahoma on purpose. I'm going for John's basic training graduation at Fort Sill. I'm nervous to see all the Army stuff and about missing the Michigan hockey series. I haven't missed a hockey game in 3 years, or many sporting events for that matter. Yes, I know that the operation will go on without me. Unusual for a Tuesday, I have everything ready for the hockey games to the point where it should run smoothly. I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here. Again, I will be here in Oxford, preparing for another football game on ESPN. Go Miami! I shall see what the Army is all about (yikes) and what Oklahoma has to offer.