Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I know.

I know I really need to write something.  It seems there is a lot I could share, so I get overwhelmed and write nothing!

1. That eShakti dress is going back.  I did not like it.  At all.  The material is stiff and not comfortable and the skirt is just all wrong...too much material there.  It actually fit my upper body pretty well, maybe just a little too big.  Either I picked the wrong dress, don't know how to measure myself or just shouldn't buy dresses that I can't try on.  I guess it just means I need more practice shopping and trying on dresses! 

2.  I've decided, now that we are consistently at over 100 degrees here in Austin I'm going to mainly wear tank tops and skirts, capris and shorts.  It's just so HOT.  This meant I had to raid the clearance racks at Old Navy to get some fun brightly colored tanks that I feel comfortable enough wearing (not too tight).  Luckily for someone who is jobless, they had a sale where everything on clearance was an additional 50% off!

3.  Had a great road trip to Ohio for about a week and a half and put in just over 3300 miles!  It was so great to visit with some really great friends.  Some I talk to on a regular basis and some I haven't talked to or seen in a really really long time.  My friend's wedding was absolutely amazing and we had a good family gathering too.  You can check out the photos on my Facebook page. 

4.  Having been jobless for about a month now, I finally have some part time work coming my way!  Tomorrow, I'll be starting at a small sportswear company just minutes from my house and learning all about cutting fabrics, matching patterns and filling orders.  I'm also going to slowly start learning the creative side and use Adobe Illustrator to create mock ups for coaches and then printing the actual graphics on a large format printer so it can be sublimated onto the fabric.  Then all the pieces are matched together and sent to a sewer somewhere in California.  The whole process seems pretty complicated to me so far, but hopefully I can learn quickly and be a big help to the volume of production.  If I am, maybe it will turn into something more than part time!

5.  I'm still working out, though I have to be more choosy about the workouts I'm doing.  About three weeks ago I got a huge gash on the side of my heel and it hurts to wear shoes.  Then, I went walking with my dad when I was home...we walking about four miles at Wildwood Metro Park and I came home with some nasty bloody blisters on the backs of both ankles.  Yikes.  So, needless to say, I'm letting my feet heal and trying to just do some pilates, yoga and swimming until I can wear shoes again.  I got some new Asics (major discount at Kohl's), so hopefully I can wear them soon!

That's all for now folks!