Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

It's about that time, for another post.  Happy Easter everybody.  Still truckin' here in Austin.  Wish I could have been with my family today.  I went to a great service this morning at Riverbend Church.  The music there is just amazing and the sermon was good too, about 1 Corintians 1.  My kitties are sitting here with me now, surprising that they are both on the same couch during the day, just napping.  Normally one is in the closet or under the bed or something.  Guess they are really starting to come around.  Bette Davis (the little one) really likes me now and always comes to me when I am home and she's become really friendly.  Daisy (the orange one) doesn't like me as much, except when the food dish is empty.  She's still nice though and lets me pet her.  I bet that eventually we will seem like a family.

This week though, there were two incidents of bad cats in the middle of the night.  Tuesday, I woke up to find a broken glass jar all over the steps that previously held sand and shells from a beach I went to...what a mess!  Wednesday, I woke up to find my flip flops with many many teeth marks in them.  Tally used to chew flip flops all the time, so I knew to put them up high where she couldn't get them every time I took them off.  These cats never seemed to go near them, so I didn't think it would be a problem.  Well, I left them out and of course the next morning they were all chewed up.  :-(  I thought my days of ruined flip flops were gone!  At least now I have an excuse to shop for new ones!

In sad news, I just read that Dr. Shriver passed away last night.  He was former President of Miami University and a wonderful guy!  I'd met him several times, I worked with his daughter for a long time at Miami and his son was our announcer, so I worked with him at all of our home events.  I feel sad for their family!  They were all really close.  He will be missed along with all his Miami history stories that he told.