Friday, August 25, 2006


Wildlife spottings while working in the football stadium press box after 9pm:

1. Very scary bug with nasty long legs and emormous body; flying capabilities.
Solution: place garbage can on top of bug so i don't have to constantly keep my eye on it.

2. Two racoons, wearing black masks over their noses, scurrying toward me and staring at me.
Solution: scream as loud as possible so that they turn around immediately and run out of the press box.

Thank God Rachel was on the phone with me, I was completely shook up. From this point forward, she, or someone will have to be on the phone with me if I am working alone in the press box after hours.


Rachel said...


mdog said...

nice. love the solutions.

you gots my phone number.

joybird said...

updates: bug was still under garbage can last night at the high school football game. also saw another spotting of the same type of bug last night. ew. press box was scoured for racoons and droppings. most dropping were found in the stands on both the east and west side.

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e_doe said...

uh, what's up w/anon?

i, too, like the solutions. And I'm going to just go ahead and make it official here: i hate wildlife. There. I said it. I like animals on tv, in books, and at the zoo. In cages. Anything that can get to me is NOT cool. I would demand an escort for every time you go to the press box. Ugh.