Monday, November 27, 2006


I had a splendid Thanksgiving. One quite out of the ordinary for me. Because of our awesome football and volleyball schedule, Miami played a home FB game on Friday at noon and a VB tournament Friday and Saturday. I wasn’t able to go home for the first time and I feel a little bit bad for saying this, but honestly, it didn’t bother me. Probably because it didn’t even feel like a holiday to me. I enjoyed the students being away and not many people in the office. I took my time preparing for the weekend events and watched BBC's, "What Not To Wear"(ALL day). I did 5 loads of laundry and hung out with Tally. My time at the office was limited, (thank goodness I have a university laptop now), and there were no raccoon visits in the Yager Press Box (they were probably eating turkey with their family). The rest of the weekend was pretty good. Time spent with friends and co-workers, as well as on my own, is something I’m definitely thankful for.

Is anyone else not in the mood for Christmas yet? I didn’t get out any decorations this weekend. Maybe it’s the perfect 65 degree weather. I love it! Hope you had a good holiday and time to relax.


Anonymous said...

It definitely doesn't feel Christmas-y yet, and I even have my tree up. I think it is the weather, which by the way, I loathe and detest. But I'm glad some people are enjoying it

Anonymous said...

dude, you are coming home for christmas, right?

joybird said...

i'm definitely coming home for Christmas. Cheers to no home events from December 11 thru January 4th!!!