Thursday, March 01, 2007


Should I be Swoop on Saturday?


potch said...

that could be fun!

mdog said...

is this seriously a question?


Rachel said...

If you want to sweat off about 5 pounds, get ringworm, essentially be blind, and make kids cry, I say go for it. Really though it was fun.

joybird said...

I did it. I was Swoop!

Rachel said...

You did? How did it go?

Erin said...

ringworm. heh. it reminds me of the blue-star ointment commercials:
"...ringworm, jock itch, and tetter ...the one that's guaranteed...ask for it!"

what in the world is tetter?

how was it being Swoop? I was a giant Oreo cookie at the zoo one time and I did sweat a lot, but I loved it. :)