Friday, June 22, 2007


What a busy week. I didn’t realize how busy it had been until this morning though. Somehow, I got into a mood last night and wasn’t even sure what it came from. It wasn’t necessarily that I was mad or upset or anything. Just not feeling myself. I tried so hard to stay awake for Lifehouse, John was nice enough to record it in case I was asleep. This morning, I felt bad for being so crappy last night and I started thinking about what could have put me in that mood. I think I finally figured it out! This week, I’ve had something every night, dinner and bike ride with John, Cheesecake Factory with the interns, clean up night at work (where I involuntarily lost half my desk space and practically got demoted to intern), and then Thursday thing at our house all equal to me having only about one hour to myself for the whole week. I need more alone time than that! It’s been hard for me to try and force myself to fit in real activities that aren’t work related. Obviously, I still haven’t figured out how to squeeze in enough alone time with all the other stuff. Has anyone mastered this feat? It probably doesn’t help that I require a lot of alone time (I sometimes can’t even count working out as alone time). Apparently, if I don’t get that time, I get annoyed with everything around me.


mdog said...

oh my. that happened to me a few weeks ago. for two weeks straight, and i am not even exaggerating, i had something planned every single night. granted, it was the end of the school year here, so things were busy [even when you're not a student, there are always students you have to hang out with and say goodbye to..]. i knew i was going to die, but i said screw it, knowing that the week after all the craziness, i was going to do NOTHING. ALL WEEK. it was exhausting, but the week after was good recovery time. it's hard to pass up even fun social activities for the sake of being alone, but i know i need it. sometimes you can forego it for awhile, but you will need to plan for that alone time eventually.


Erin said...

i am not very good at finding the balance. I actually sit right on the fence between introvert and extrovert and I couldn't tell you which way I charge my batteries, so to speak - so i think it's a bit of both.

i usually end up going and going and going until i start having to cancel on people because i just can't take it anymore.

something that's slightly more effective for me is to pick a night of the week where I just won't do anything, like wednesday nights, for example. so, even if people ask, i tell them i can't do anything on wednesday night, because it's pizza night with Stella. And they laugh at me, but i still have my night to myself. ;)

Rachel said...

Yeah. I dunno. Alone time is definitely needed... I think you just work too much. You've got to find a way for them to let you slow down!!

beckyjune said...

I definately need alone time or I go crazy...the problem is this week I've had too much alone time. aiyayi. We can't win can we?

John Clark said...

It is ok you will find the balance just give it time. Also I think this might be the first time you have refered to me on the blog by name. Was it hard for you to do?

joybird said...

i don't think it was that hard. i've actually mentioned you on here regards to Lifehouse.

Thanks to everyone that commented. It's nice to hear that I'm not alone in my thoughts, even though the object is to be alone :-) I'll have to ask Tally if she is up for a pizza night. Interesting that I never realize it was an introvert sort of thing!