Thursday, November 29, 2007

OK. Here it is.

The blog post you have all been waiting for…wait, it’s not that exciting.

My attempt to catch you up in my life –
Work – football, basketball, and ice hockey are consuming my life as usual

John and I are doing great, approaching the 9 month mark

Bible study has been on a hiatus, but I learned to do the slides at the Gathering. It’s not too hard, but I was still nervous. I guess it’s still nerve wrecking when one isn’t familiar with something, even though I am used to running a videoboard and coordinating a game for an audience of 18,000 people at football, 3,500 at hockey, or 5,000 at basketball.

John and I took a short trip to Toledo for Malachi’s birthday party. I hadn’t seen my close friend’s kid since he was 5 months old. The party was at an indoor water park in Sandusky and was a lot of fun. It was really good to see everyone.

Thanksgiving ended up being good, even though it was surrounded by work. John had Jonathon during the day, so it gave me some time to make pumpkin pie and cranberry salad, do some laundry, and clean a little. Our Thanksgiving feast was ready by 9pm and we had a very nice dinner. The weekend was pretty relaxing with hockey in the evenings and I’ve now watched three episodes of the Band of Brothers.

This Saturday, I’ll be heading to Detroit for the MAC Championship football game at Ford Field as the Dance Team advisor.

I’ve now been on an antidepressant for about six weeks. I’m still waiting to notice a difference. I will try to keep you updated. Peace out.


mdog said...

woohoo, an update! and it sounds pretty good. :D

Potchy said...

thank you for finally updating!!! Sounds like you are doing fairly well. I miss you!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the update.

Rachel said...

And now it's time for another post.

joybird said...

geez. you people are demanding.