Thursday, June 18, 2009


I realize that not many people will care about this besides me, but Lifehouse has four songs that I hadn't heard yet. I'm pretty up on the band and know about 85% of their music, regardless of radio playtime. One tune is from Bratz, one from The Wild, one is a bonus track or something from an album that I do have (or maybe just a single on its own), and the fourth one is from Wicker Park (you can't buy just the song on iTunes, only the entire soundtrack). This is exciting for me, new Lifehouse music and their newest album isn't even finished! Two songs I definitely recommend are:
1. If This is Goodbye (Bratz)
2. From Where You Are (single track)

The music of Lifehouse has been really meaningful for me. It was the first band that I really noticed the lyrics and how significant they were. It's not always easy these days to find music with lyrics that actually mean something. Their stuff is pretty deep and about real life. It has a lot of feeling. I love Jason Wade's voice, not to mention how he looks while he performs. It's amazing how many guitars he uses in one concert! OK, I will stop talking about Lifehouse and how much I love them. Seriously though, I can listen to their albums over and over and never tire of them!

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