Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scratch that

OK, well change of plans to my trip this weekend/next week. I'm cutting out the Guadalupe Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns and Marfa parts of my trip and just going from Van Horn to Big Bend. I just found out that I only get 15 days of vacation and need to not use five of them next week. I know 15 sounds like quite a bit, but I used to get 22 days per year plus sick time and wouldn't have possibly ever been able to use them all. My boss said that the 15 days includes sick time, vacation and personal days. I've already used about three, one for a funeral and two when Rachel was here. I'll take three next week, but have to consider that I have a wedding to go to in Ohio in July and time off to go home at Christmas. Ugh. I know I shouldn't really be complaining, but working for a self-employer definitely has it's downsides. I miss working in a real office, like with people, office supplies and my own desk space. Now, my interaction with people consists of my boss (in the comfort of his own house) and maybe one other person. I have to travel daily with my own portable office. I wish I had the funds and ability to create my own home office and set up things for better efficiency and comfort. OK. I'll stop complaining and say that I'm glad to have a job with a lot of flexibility.


Anonymous said...

I had 15 days + 6 days of sick time before, and now I have 15, total, and it is not enough. But the rest of your job sounds cool. :) - Erin

Potchy said...

Are you back from your trip? How was it??

joybird said...

Ugh. I'm back unfortunately. The trip was great, just too short. I'll post about it soon and put my photos on facebook.