Monday, June 07, 2010

A Woman's Right to Matching Dinnerware

OK, blogger has been down, so I wanted to post this last night and it's just now working. Yay. It figures, when I finally have something to say, I can't say it. Ha. I know these pictures really suck...I've got to learn how to better utilize my camera and have a more creative photographic eye. I used to think I was halfway decent, but no longer. Urgh!

I started my new dish collection today(last night)! How exciting. I have decided on Fiestaware and went to Dillard’s today to check out the colors in person. They are all so pretty, it was difficult to decide. I ended up choosing lemongrass, sunflower, shamrock and chocolate. Hopefully this will be a good combination, though I think they really all go well together. I have some sunflower kitchen things already, so I thought that color palette would be nice. After Christmas and as winter was winding down, it was time to put away my Christmas dishes and I dreaded going back to my crappy every day mismatch plates and random bowls. I have the cutest full set of snowman dishes and love when I get to use them every year. What’s the point in waiting till I get a house or get married to register for dinnerware? Why can’t I enjoy cute matching plates and bowls for all my meals? It’s stupid to think that I had to wait and what if that stuff never happens? I didn’t really plan on buying anything today, I was just going to check out the colors. At Macy’s, Fiesta was on sale, 30% off and I had a $10 off coupon to use with my charge, so I figured I’d get a couple of bowls. Check out the lemongrass and sunflower in the photo…though they are much cuter in person. It will probably take me awhile to work up to a full matching set, but this is a great start!

Also, check out my new cactus. If you remember, my other five year old cactus died soon after I moved here. I bought this one at the flagship Whole Foods store when Rachel McHadiashar visited. It’s not your typical cactus with spines, but I’ll probably get one of those at some point. Hopefully this one will last even longer than the last! Isn’t he cute?


mdog said...

oh dude. household matchy things make me joyful. i don't even need them to be nice per se, just as long as they GO together. i approve! keep going!

potchy said...

cute color combo! I'm glad you are creative and bought a mixture... that's so much more interesting and fun!

joybird said...

Thanks! The approval makes me feel better. I bought a couple more little fruit dishes tonight...on sale at Kohl's plus a coupon.