Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Post

There's not much for me to say, but figured I'll write something for my standard once a month post.  Ha.  I did get a couch, finally decided on one.  It's way too big for my apartment, but it's nice to have a plethora of places to sit.  I wish it was a little more cushy, but it's the best in that style that I could afford.  I've been hitting the job search a lot harder lately, but still haven't heard much.  I just really want to work in an office and a full time job would be really nice.  It's hard not to be discouraged, but I've been watching some movies and playing spades online to keep from dwelling on things.  It's been pretty stressful though since my main job is so far behind on paying me.  I've already had to resort to tapping into my savings account.  I just have to believe that there is something out there and keep applying.

I got two new kitties and they are pretty much worthless.  Having them makes me miss Tally even more b/c she was a good cat, aside from her obvious problems.  She laid on my lap, slept with me, talked to me, needed me and just loved me in general.  These cats have been with me a month and still aren't warmed up.  For a long time they were just called, the Fat One and the Little One, or the Orange One and the  Dark One.  The previous owner gave them dumb names (my opinion of course) so I waited awhile to name them.  The Little One still doesn't have a name b/c she's been a bitch and rarely comes out of the closet.  Miracle today though!  She let me pet her and pick her up!!!  This is definitely a first.  Most of the time when I see her or talk to her she just stares and acts like I'm going to kill her.  If only she knew I just wanted to pet her!  Today was huge though....maybe she'll come around eventually.  She might even be partially blind.  Her pupils are almost always fully dilated, so maybe she only sees some movement.  That would explain why she's so scared in a new environment, I guess.  The Big One, now named Daisy has been more friendly and asks for pets even though she spends most of her time under the bed or in the closet.  She talks a lot too, or I should say quacks b/c she sounds like a duck.  That's how I named her, Daisy for Daisy Duck.  At first it was going to be Daffy Duck until my mom pointed out that Daffy is a boy and the whole point of renaming these cats is for them to actually have gender appropriate names this time around.  Some people may think it's wrong to rename eight year old cats, but do they really know their names anyway?  If they did, they should be glad to get new ones!  I just really wish that they were more cuddly and cared when I got home from work or watched TV with me or something.  That's what cats are for!  Hopefully I didn't get a couple of bad seeds.  Ugh.  They are pretty cute, but they just don't feel like mine yet...I suppose we'll get there eventually.

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