Thursday, May 18, 2006

On time for once

Believe it or not, I was on time to work today. 8:00AM on the dot. You see, this is my goal for everyday, unfortunately all through the winter I've had trouble leaving my house anytime before 7:12 or 7:15, causing me to get to work at about 8:10. I realize this isn't a huge deal, but if I could just get myself out of bed in the morning I would probably get off to a better start. Instead, I choose to rush around like a maniac trying to get out of the house. I just cannot get up. I set about 5 alarms, 3 on my cell phone, 1 on my clock radio, 1 on my stereo. All going off at different times and I either ignore or snooze repeatedly. How exhausting b/c they are set at different spots around the room and the stereo is in the dining room for goodness sake. You'd think if I was getting up to turn down or turn off the music or alarm, I could just stumble into the bathroom and start getting ready. But no! I just go back to bed. I've actually had this problem for quite some time, occasionally, I will go through phases where I do ok, but usually it's a problem. I'm a night person, so I stay up too late, causing part of the ridiculousness. Maybe I need to be more organized with my time so I'm not so rushed. Maybe I just need more rest. Hmmm.


mdog said...


there must be something going on with the universe because I DID THE SAME THING TODAY. 8:00. not 8:10. my officemate was quite thrown off. and i was even up later than usual last night.

i only have the one alarm set, but still. and you know about my pseudo-narcoleptic tendencies. mmmmm, sleep.

joybird said...

why is this so difficult? i've noticed sometimes when i stay up late, i'm moving better in the mornings...weird.

Rachel said...

You know I've already told you this, but try going to sleep in bed instead of on the couch.

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