Thursday, May 04, 2006

nothing in particular

so, i don't really have anything to post about, but i figure since a week has gone by, i should write something.

the biggest loser (earlier post) still isn't going very well with all parties involved. hopefully we can make something happen in the last month.

so i'm set on the fact that i'm moving to oxford in june. it will be very weird, living in a college town. the savings on rent (renting from a friend with a house), gas, and time (commute) seem to be worth sacrificing life in a mid-sized city. fear not, i will still attend church at lifespring and continue other activities in the nati. maybe it will be the happy medium.

as far as trips for the summer, i need some ideas and travel partners. i'm thinking about going to chicago for memorial day weekend. i have to visit a couple friends and a baby (Malachi). i also need to head up to northwest ohio, since i haven't been home since christmas. i'm welcome to other ideas for a real vacation. i have to take time off in the summer, b/c once football season hits, good luck in having spare time before christmas!

i know i'm obsessed, but i can't get enough of sex and the city. i love it, love it, love it. currently renting season 3 from the library. the episode of charlotte's wedding gets me every time. every time i watch it, i cry.

that's all i have for now.


Heidi said...

I LOVE Sex and the City as well, but I've had to watch it in on DVD as well. THe problem with renting the entire season is that it will consume my whole day, so I have to do it on break from school and work. Too tempting!!

joybird said... scared me. I thought that you were my other friend, Hi-D (from college). I was so surprised to find out that she would watch it. Anyway, you are is too tempting. I do watch it all day. I'm going to have to get the whole series eventually. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy it all the relationships portrayed on the show.

mdog said...

OMG. joy, i thought the same thing... "hi-d watches sitc??"

but, no.

joybird said...

i've added the pictures, so now i will be able to tell heidis apart. ;-)