Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Painting Fun

I just got home from painting my new bedroom (in Oxford). It's a pretty sky-ish blue with just the tiniest hint of green. More specifically called "Dreaming Blue." Whatever that means. I'm pretty excited about it. I hope the calm, cheery atmosphere will help with my depression. It will be nice to kind of start over in a new cozy home with a new roommate, even if it is in a small college town. I love being independent and living by myself in the city, but my place lacks natural light and is not maintained to it's fullest potential (what exactly do landlords do with rent money?). Plus the key factor is that this is a good move financially. Yay for a blue bedroom!


Rachel said...

OK I tried to leave this comment earlier and it didn't work.
Fun! Did you finish painting, or do you want help this weekend? Can't wait to see it!

joybird said...

i just might touch up after work today. no sense in making another trip on the weekend if i don't have to. thanks though. looking forward to your visit ;-)