Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reunion Weekend 2006

I had my first true Reunion Weekend experience this year. Last year, I only helped/ran the Reunion Road Run. But this year, I was involved with more activities. I worked the Reunion Road Run in the morning (here at 6:15am!) and after clean up, some of us workers and volunteers went to breakfast. I returned to my future home in time to change for the Student-Athlete Reunion in the fairly new Gross Student-Athlete Center. It was neat to see a bunch of football, baseball, swimming, track, and other assorted athletes get together from the various classes, but the class most represented was the Class of 1956, for their 50th Reunion. I couldn't help but think about if I will come back to Miami for Reunion Weekend in 45 years. At the Student-Athlete Reunion, I worked registration until the program started and then left for Alumni Band rehearsal. I wasn't going to play, but one of my higher ups talked me into it, I think b/c of the low turnout. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Now, I think that any chance I get to play I have fun. My worry was that I wouldn't know anyone, but there were a couple familiar faces. We rehearsed for about an hour before heading up to the Hub for the Parade of Classes. There wasn't much organization with the parade, but everyone gathered as Dr. Shriver spoke of Miami history before we made the walk to the Alumnifest area (south quad). There, we gathered to here Dr. Garland's last public address before his retirement and we dismissed for dinner, music, and fellowship. An hour later, Alumni Band played for each tent (a tent for each decade of classes) and then were free to enjoy the festivities. It was good conversation with some fellow bandos and colleagues.

I recommend any Miami Alumni to register for next year. It would be great to get more young people there to show the older classes that we have pride in Miami as much as they do. Go 'Skins!


Rachel said...

Go band!

mdog said...

dude. one of these days i will make it back to play at homecoming or reunion weekend. i swear.

don't you mean, go hawks? :)

joybird said...

No one (except staff and recent grads) at Reunion Weekend is really fond of the 'Hawks. They are die hard RedSkins fans. It's actually kind of amusing to hear them talk about it.