Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jolly Holiday

So you want to know what's up with me? Here it is.

Thursday, a few co-workers and myself drove up to Cleveland for a Cavs game. I wasn't too excited about it, but it ended up being a really cool experience. We got the behind the scenes tour and inside scoop on the game promotions. I definitely look at things from a different perspective these days.

After the game, I headed to Chinatown and stayed there two nights. Friday, we went to two libraries and visited Sarah at Clipity-Clop. I finished my Christmas cards (finally) and mailed them on our way to Ray's in Kent with Sean. As stated in Rachel's blog, she was a complete bitch to Sean, so I kept the conversation going. I even had the opportunity to rate him on his language skills (I gave him 6 out of 10). Sean was buzzing. It was a grand time had by all (please note the sarcasm here). Saturday, we enjoyed Chipotle (they are opening in Toledo now) and I was off to the turnpike and headed to Toledo.

By Saturday night, I already had my fill of "home" time. Sunday was church, lunch, Bengals game (boo), wrapping presents, decorating cookies, Christmas Eve service at church, decorating cookies and A Christmas Story marathon on TBS. Christmas was nice...santa brought me everything I asked for, so I must have been well behaved this year. My biggest and most exciting gift was The Complete Series of Sex and the City. Now I can watch any episode, any time, all the time!!! I love love love Carrie and the girls and Steve and Aiden and Big ;-) Rachel got me a cool scrapbook stamping kit made by the magnetic poetry folks plus some other really cool stuff. I got new slippers, Macy's gift card, and socks. I was surprisingly the only one in my family that did not open some type of knife on Christmas.

The aunts and uncles came to our house this year (we alternate every year) as well as a couple of cousins. It was a very nice day. We ended with a ride in Rachel's new hot wheels, named Lance.

Tuesday was the annual Day-After-Christmas-Shopping-Trip. I was highly disappointed and found the most buys at Wal-mart of all places. Tuesday night I hung out with Lori and Jim and met their newest family addition, Izzie. Too bad Izzie spent most of the time in the basement. I couldn't get over how much their Great Dane, Grant had grown in the past year. You don't have to bend down to pet him at all and he's well-behaved. Wednesday was just me trying to get out dodge as soon as possible and not being successful. I didn't drive into the Nati until almost 4PM. Luckily, I hit Joseph Beth Booksellers right away and still scored some great Christmas cards for next yeah. Hopefully, I can get them out sooner next year.

Now, I'm sitting here in my office, not wanting to do any work. Hence why I'm blogging all afternoon. Alright...back to playing e-mail catch up. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

yay for Christmas! I was only in Dodge for about 32 hours!

mdog said...

you leave me no choice: i must know about the knives!

joybird said...

my dad got some fancy army knife. my mom opened a kitchen knife to go with the set she has. then my dad tried to hide one of his gifts from us...b/c he didn't want us to make fun of him for getting another knife! this one came with a set of pliers and something else. then, the really funny thing is that rachel opened some kitchen knives as well. really, i don't think we have a history of violence, so it's ok.

mdog said...

mmhmmm... i'll be watching the headlines in dodge, just to be sure.

glad you enjoyed/survived your time off!