Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I know I'm a few days late, but I wanted to share my Thanksgiving. This is the fourth year I haven't been home for Thanksgiving. The first year, I worked, watching the BBC version of What Not To Wear marathon and ate a cold cut turkey sandwich. The second year, I worked and ate a late traditional dinner. Last year, I went to a traditional dinner, pot luck style with some co-workers and worked. This year, I didn't work and hung out with Tally, made a frozen pizza and had a glass of white wine. Sounds exciting, huh? Ha. With this trend in place, Thanksgiving has come to not really mean much for me. I guess I'm looking forward to Christmas a little bit. I'm flying home for a week, even though I have no money (my fault) and I really like to travel, so it will be fun to be around family, even if it means being away from Tally. Ha ha. I started putting up some decorations, which I didn't due last year at all due to a mild depression. Oh and I almost have my shopping done! Woohoo. Didn't take long, since my source of funds is a bit challenged. Hope everyone else enjoyed the first part of the holiday season! Cheers!

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PotchMcClosk said...

Joy!! How are you doing? We need to talk on the phone and catch up. I miss you!