Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Miss You

This has been quite an emotional week already.  Monday morning I learned that a dear friend from Miami passed away.  It's been hard to think of much else since then. I met Corrine my sophomore year of college and quickly became pretty close.  She was always someone I could talk to as a student, after I left Miami and when I came back as staff.  This news was so shocking, it was always her husband who was going in for another heart procedure.  Corrine always had a smile on her face and said things straight up, she was nice to my friends and family and she felt like family to me.  She's been the secretary in the Miami Men's Basketball office for the past 26 years and will be missed by so very many people.  I wish that I could be there for the services, but everything was so soon and I couldn't make it happen.  She wouldn't have wanted people to make a big fuss over her anyway.  But this week and always she'll be in my thoughts.  Love you, girl!

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Rachel said...

So, so sorry!! Corrine was awesome.