Monday, June 13, 2011

TV Shows

I don't watch a great number of shows on a regular basis, but those that I do watch, I definitely don't miss them. I watch them online if my stations aren't coming in very well (stupid digital TV) or if I have something to do.  Lately, it seems most of what we have to choose from is Reality TV.  I know some of the shows I watch are really stupid and dramatic, but I can't help but enjoy them.  A lot of the shows I watch, I really like to pay attention to the clothes and makeup of the stars and just the fashion overall.  We have to get new inspirations since SATC no longer has new episodes.  I realize this may make me lame, but when life gets you down, you gotta have something to look forward to!

These are the shows I watch, in no particular order:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Modern Family
3. The Office
4. The Biggest Loser
5. The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad
6. The Voice
7. Brothers and Sisters (just ended this past season)

Shows I would probably almost always watch if I had cable:
1. What Not to Wear
2. Most shows wedding related
3. Home decorating shows


PotchMcClosk said...

what do you think of the bachelorette this season?!?! I feel really bad for her... seems like there are a LOT of guys there who aren't all that into her/are disappointed it's her.

joybird said...

i feel bad for her too...she's so hung up on him. or at least they are showing everything she says about him. hopefully it gets better once she gets down to less guys. i like JP.

it gets worse too...i follow a lot of the BL people and Bach people on twitter, so now i'm reading everything they have to say about everything. i may have a problem. ha.