Thursday, July 14, 2011

e.l.f. 100 shadow palette

I'm quickly headed toward being obsessed with makeup.  I bought this eye shadow palette today.  It was definitely a splurge for me even at just $10 because I don't have extra money right now.  It's from the e.l.f. professional cosmetic line.  You can get it at Target or on their website, and I even found a very small selection at the HEB grocery store here in Texas.  I've been watching TONS of makeup tutorials lately and people are always doing these beautiful looks with dramatic eyes and pretty colors (I haven't yet mastered how to apply the makeup).  I don't have a large selection of eyeshadows, I tend to wear the same stuff, usually purple, grey, gold or Stila's kitten.  This palette will give me the option to try out all kinds of stuff as you can see it has every color you'd ever need (or close to it).  Today I was already wearing green on my eyes, so I tried one of these shadows out real quick and put a bright green in my crease and it was definitely really pigmented so I think I'll be happy with the quality of this product.  Each square of color is pretty small, but I imagine it's still going to last a long time if you mix up your look often enough rather than using the same colors over and over.  I'm excited to try other new products in the near future, but like I said, I just have to be careful about what I spend.  I also picked up a pair of their false lashes for $0.99, so I'm excited to try those out as well.  Haven't ever worn lashes and they might be fun for the wedding!

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Rachel said...

Nice! Do a full review after you try more of the shadows!