Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rear End

I started a post a long time ago and never finished.  I'll work on that later.  I feel like I've had a lot of ideas for blog posts come up, but haven't acted on any of those ideas.  Fail! 

On July 31st, I was with some friends and we were enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon and evening.  Drank flavored mimosas (not as great as it sounds) and went to a small park with water slides.  Unfortunately, it closed too soon after we got there.  On our way back, we got rear ended.  I had a few drinks in me and wasn't driving, so it didn't really seem that bad to me.  The back end of the car looked pretty bad though and we were hit by a big pickup truck and lost the entire bumper.  I didn't feel any pain or stiffness or anything, but my friends pressured me into going to the chiropractor...he is also a friend (of a friend, really...acquaintence).  I resisted for as long as I could and finally gave into the nagging.  Most people probably know that I have anxiety, but maybe not.  I do and I hate going to doctors and get panic attacks.  I don't like people that I don't know touching me and would never pay money to get a massage. I just don't feel comfortable.  It's weird, but that's how I am. 

*People that I am comfortable with and are close to, I don't mind if they touch me. One of my love languages is physical touch, I enjoy hugs and that kind of stuff.  What I don't want is some stranger putting their hands all over me. 

But, alas, I gave in and went to the chiropractor.  Just thinking about it brought on the symptoms of anxiety, but somehow when I went it was under control.  I wish I knew how that happened!  My neck was pretty straight and apparently it's supposed to curve a little, so I had a little therapy to do.  Last Tuesday, I was rear ended on my way to work in bumper to bumper traffic and I hit the guy in front of me.  The jerk drove off and the hit felt pretty hard.  It even caused a cd to come flying forward that I thought I'd lost two years ago.  My car doesn't look bad, but man was my neck a mess.  I could barely move it for a few days and just the last two days has it felt considerably better, but not great.  It was such a stressful situation b/c I totally can't afford an accident right now and I don't have uninsured motorist for property damage.  Luckily, I can still drive my car even though it does need to be repaired at some point.  I realize that no one can really ever afford to get in an accident, but right now I have a lot of stress on how I'm going to get through each month b/c my jobs are crap.  Anyway, it turned out the guy in front of me that I hit can't claim anything on my insurance b/c it wasn't my fault (Thank God).  This is getting way too long...

So, naturally, I'm still going to the chiropractor.  Hopefully it's helping with this newer accident, but I will definitely be glad when it's over (cross your fingers for only 2-3 weeks).  I don't know much about the science behinid it, just that I hope to be pain-free and have 100% mobility soon!  Not sure that I would go to a chiropractor again.  No more accidents for a long time, please!!!

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