Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paul McCartney

I still can't believe that we saw Sir Paul McCartney in concert!!!  It was really amazing.  I'm ashamed to say that I have not been a die hard Beatles fan.  But I think I could be!  Actually, I went through a phase where I acted like they really weren't all that great.  My parents only listened to oldies music my entire life, so I got sick of it and was bitter I was missing out on all the current music of the 80s and 90s.  Now, I have come back around and I have learned to appreciate all those classic songs and groups I grew up listening too.  Too bad I'm still trying to catch up on what I missed in the later decades.  So back to Paul.  I just love the Beatles and their music and it's amazing how many hits they put out during the time they were together. 

A lot had been going on leading up to the concert, so it was kind of surreal even when we were on our way up to Detroit.  My dad found a station that was playing only his music and talking about the concert, getting us pumped up.  Here's how dumb I am, I didn't even realize that Paul McCartney had another group called Wings...I just knew it sounded like him, so I figured it was the Beatles.  We had seats in three different areas, so my sister and I sat by ourselves and Mom and Dad sat together.  I didn't mind sitting by myself b/c there was plenty to enjoy!  He came out and sang Hello Goodbye first.  Soooo good!  OK, so I'm going to say that most of the songs were so good, so here's the ones I remember him playing:
Hello Goodbye
Lady Madonna
Eleanor Rigby
Heltor Sketor
Hey Jude
Band on the Run
Live or Let Die
Get Back
Paperback Writer
Day Tripper
Let it Be

Obviously, there were a lot more, it was a long concert and I'm sure Rachel can remember them all :).  The highlights were Band on the Run - love the tempo changes; Hey Jude - went on for a long time, whole crowd was singing the na na na's and swaying hands in the air (totally gave me goose bumps); Live or Let Die - fire bursts off the stage and fireworks behind during the big parts of it (SO EXCITING)!  It was just so neat to see him and hear him talk about different things.  He's a left handed guitarist and changed guitars about 1,000 times.  He used a ukulele that George Harrison gave him!  Oh it was just so good!  I loved it!!!  Rachel, I can't thank you enough for making this happen for our family!  It was something I won't forget and definitely in my top two concerts ever (other is Elton John).

*I'm still trying to upload pics from my phone.  Just so you know, they'll be poor quality if I can get them up here.


Rachel said...

Set list from his blog!

joybird said...

Ah! I kind of got goose bumps a little bit when I just read the set list. That's probably not normal.