Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's Day I got two stuffed giraffes and two dozen roses from someone that I love and who loves me back. That definitely beats last year when I received one dozen roses from some creepy older Chinese man that I was not and am attracted to whatsoever. It's cute to have a guy that is more excited about Valentine's Day than I am. Thank you John, I love you! (sorry if that is too sappy)


Rachel said...


Rachel said...

Kidding, btw.

mdog said...

i'm with rachel.

on both counts.


joybird said...

i just want to say that it's my first valentine's day, so i'm allowed to be a little sappy. it's not like i'm throwing it in everyone's face all the time. i'm working on taking steps toward being more open and less tentative. it's taken me a long time to get here and it is a lot for me to share things like that for all the world to see. i really just want people to be happy for me...i've been happy for so many others.

mdog said...

ah crap. i was totally joking.

you know me. i'm with you on the 28 years of being happy [or, at least, trying to be happy] for others.

for you, i'm not trying. i'm really happy you have someone... and i hate to admit it, but honestly, that's unusual for me nowadays.

of course, i gotta meet this guy someday. :) glad you had a good v-day, friend.


joybird said...

i do want you to meet him! there are so many of my friends that he hasn't met yet.