Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here you have it

I played video games last night. I tried to play Lego Star Wars and Guitar Hero. I also tried Guitar Hero at Christmas with our cousins. John seems very eager that everyone know this information b/c I’m not a huge fan of video games and generally think they are stupid.

Rachel has posted about this also recently, but let me give my perspective. I don’t understand video games. I’ve never been good at them and never had any experience with them. Our family never had any video games, so I didn’t grow up around them. When I have the controller in my hand, I am clueless on what I’m supposed to do. Last night, I could barely move the little lego guy around the screen and just got all jumbled up when trying to jump, swing a light saber, and use The Force. It’s a pretty pathetic sight and probably very frustrating for someone who can actually operate through a video game. Guitar Hero was a little bit better, maybe b/c I have somewhat of a music background. I still have a hard time though, since you aren’t really playing the melody and it’s sometimes hard to hear the part of your particular guitar.

I guess I can see how these things can become addictive and time consuming. Mostly, I would rather spend my time with other forms of entertainment, but it was fun to play a little bit last night. I definitely still don’t like the war games where people are brutally shot down with machine guns.


Potchy said...

Joy, I am exactly like you! I was not allowed any gaming systems when i was a kid, and so I never got into it. I HATE video games. Shaun got me to try guitar hero though, and that is the ONLY video game I am willing to play. Just like you said, i think I like it and can play reasonably well at it because I'm musically inclined. I plan on keeping my hate for video games... I just think it's just another thing that sucks people's lives away when you could be doing something way more constructive!

mdog said...

mmmmm, video games. guitar hero and rock band are amazing and i would not leave the house if i owned either of those games [i don't think i'm kidding].

lego star wars is cute... you hit them and they just sort of fall apart! but role-playing games like that, where you can turn all the way around and stuff, i don't do very well with. i get all confused. i much prefer racing games [and gh and rb of course]!

Lori said...

I'm completely w/you on this one! Jim got the new playstation about a month ago. I knew he really wanted me to play a game w/him, so I gave in and tried to play Lego Star Wars (video games and Star Wars are both far from my fave things). I was bored after 10 minutes. I think I'd like it slightly better if there was instructions like a board game. I hate not knowing which button does what.

I have to say that I do like playing Wii!! Some friends have that and I enjoyed that alot. Probably cause its more interactive.