Thursday, June 07, 2012

June 7th

Here are a few tidbits and updates from me:
  • It's already getting really hot here.  Surprisingly, it hasn't hit 100 yet, but with the humidity it seems just as bad. 
  • I'm currently trying to work on patience.  I feel like I'm super close to getting a full time job with benefits, but just not quite there yet.  I'm hopeful, just waiting on a couple things to happen.
  • In the meantime, I'm working my three jobs - tickets, marketing, and sportswear; I'm getting by.
  • Rodeo Austin was a lot of fun again this year.  The long hours paid off, even if I got a little sore throat and run down afterward.
  • Bette Davis has turned into a really great cat.  She has warmed up more to people and enjoys being the only child.
  • I've read some great books lately.  The Hunger Games, of course and I'm trying to catch up on the Kay Scarpetta series that I'm several years behind on.  The reading list will never dwindle...just have to wait for my holds to come in sometimes.
  • My newest hobby/guilty pleasure is learning more about fashion and beauty products, techniques and reviews.  It's become an obsession.  It's fun trying out new eye shadow looks and nail polishes.  I still need more practice!
  • My good friend Terri is getting married this summer.  I'm excited to be in the wedding and visit Indiana and Ohio this summer! <3
  • My workout routine hasn't been quite as diligent as I would have hoped (never is), but I've managed to pretty much stay the same size.  Doing good in June so far, worked out four days!  Got to keep it up and really establish a routine for myself.
  • I hope to plan a few activities to get me through the summer quickly.  At the end of this month we are going camping near the gulf coast.  I'm excited to visit the Padre National Seashore.  It's been so long since I've been able to go on a vacation, hopefully this weekend getaway can hold me over for the time being.  Yay!
  • I started drinking coffee on a pretty much daily basis.  Probably not the best thing to start, but it's really nice to drink it in the mornings.  It helps since I'm totally NOT a morning person.  I do have to put some cream or something in it, but I try to stay away from sugar.  I'm really loving hazelnut!
  • I learned Austin has the 8th worst traffic in the country.  Not surprising!  I would have even though top 5.  It's pretty bad around here for it being a somewhat small city!

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