Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bachelorette - 6 left

Have you guys been watching  The Bachelorette this season?  Of course I am...I just get sucked into it!  Emily is just so gorgeous and put-together that it's hard to imagine she is a real person.  So sometimes I feel like she might be fake, but at the same time, she seems like a real girl from the South; genuine and cares about her daughter.  I just always love checking out the makeup and fashion on these shows.  I'm sure I've said it before.  It's just fascinating to me!  I love those brown boots she wears and that grey leather jacket!  I could name a lot of her outfits though.  Ha.  Her wardrobe is a dream world.

I'm behind, so I just watched this week's episode on Hulu.  Do you think that she already had her mind made up about Chris before he pulled her aside?  I do.  I think if she wasn't going to keep him, she wouldn't have had him go back to endure the torture of the verdict and let him go right there.  Obviously, the top three are Arie, Jef and Sean.  I was really loving the time Emily and Jef spent together.  Overall though, she seems to have a strong connection with those three and it will be fun to see how it all develops.  I can't believe it's already time for the hometown dates.  We can tell she is really having a hard time being in the position to inevitably hurt people.  I'm so hopeful for her!


PotchMcClosk said...

I definitely think she knew she was keeping chris when he took her aside. I agree that she probably wouldnt' ahve let him go back out there. She's been all about letting people go on the spot if she's not feeling it at all.

I actually think she seems a lot less 'perfect' after seeing her this season as compared to my perception of her from brad's season. I was surprised on the one episode when she expected all the guys to have told her about kalon and his comments. In the past, warning a bachelor/bachelorette about another person has been the kiss of death and a huge no-no. I wouldn't ahve told her about him either! She needs to figure out/decide for herself that he's a bad seed.

I agree she has a great wardrobe too!!!

joybird said...

Maybe when it's The Bachelor, the guys get more hung up on the girls ratting each other out. She didn't miss out on the fact that Ryan was a bad seed.