Monday, July 09, 2012

Bachelorette - 4 left, Hometown Dates

Ah! The show is on tonight and I never mentioned last week's show.  I finally watched The Bachelorette late Tuesday night.  Didn't Emily look beautiful in each of the hometown dates?  How sweet is Jef?  Omg!  Jef and Arie seem like obvious choices for the top two.

I thought the alone time spend with Chris seemed pretty forced, so it wasn't to surprising that she sent him home.  And then I think he totally justified her decision by the way he acted as she walked out with him.  He was a little too angry!

Sean - She keeps stressing on the fact that he is perfect.  Maybe that could be a bad thing though?  Jef and Arie are so different, it's hard to see who is the front runner.  Have fun watching tonight.  I'll probably wait till tomorrow to watch.


PotchMcClosk said...

agree that chris's time seemed forced and it was pretty obvious that he would be the one going home.

I was totally thrown by sean and his joke about still living at home! It fooled me until her told her it was a joke :P I want sean to be the next bachelor! (since I don't think emily picks him)

I really loved Jef's family ranch in utah... I would totally live there in a heartbeat!

joybird said...

I totally fell for the Sean's joke too. For some reason, I just haven't liked him much. He doesn't seem genuine enough to me. Him living at home gave me a more tangible reason not to like him. Ha. Idk!

Um yeah, Jef's family ranch in Utah was so cool! His family seemed really down-to-earth too.