Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chinese New Year

So anyone who didn’t come to the party at Rachel’s, you missed out. We had a grand old time with both Chinese and American friends. Much food, drink, and laughter were had by all. There were some classic Roomie moments. I’d like to share four of them with you.

Alcohol removed wine – Roomie was in charge of buying beer and wine for the party. Rachel and I were cracking up when we looked at the bottles (one red and one white)…they were alcohol removed! Who would want to drink that?

Watika – This is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile and it still makes me laugh. Unfortunately it won’t mean much to you through a blog…it just won’t have the same effect. Roomie’s pronunciation of vodka is WATIKA. You think it sounds like water or vodka, but it has more syllables…so it takes a bit to figure out what he is saying. LOL.

Crack – Sarah and I were making cheese ball and I explained to Roomie that you put it on crackers. He didn’t know what crackers were, then when I got them out, he said they were cookies. I said that cookies are sweet and crackers are salty. He said, “I wanted to see what crack was.” We told him repeatedly that it was crackers, not crack. Crack is a drug and we are not serving that at the party. CRACKERS. He kept saying crack.

Is your wife at home with the baby? – This wasn’t actually a Roomie moment, so much as it was a friend of Roomie moment. “Frankie” kept going in Roomie’s bedroom to take phone calls from his wife. Earlier, Rachel or someone had said that he had a kid and the wife was home with the kid. I asked him if his wife was home with the baby and had to repeat myself about 4-5 times and I don’t think Frankie or Roomie knew what I was saying at all. Someone said, “the question was too hard, you need to break it down!” So I said, “Do you have a baby?” Sarcasm is lost in translation I think.

Hope yours was Happy!!!


Rachel said...

I love some crack with cheese ball, personally!

Erin said...

I seriously cackled when I read the crack story. "Crack is a drug and we are not serving that at the party". Possibly my favorite quote of 2007. :)