Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well Being

I’m starting another blog specifically for posting about logging my calories and activities. Here’s the link: joyswellbeing. That way, I won’t clog up this blog with a bunch of boring stuff just to attempt to keep myself accountable. It’s called joyswellbeing right now, but if you have a better name, let me know.

At the end of last semester, all faculty and staff received an e-mail inviting us to participate in The Well Being Way. Here’s a brief description:

What is the Well-Being Way?
Scientific studies show that well-being is the single most important factor influencing long-term health. People who optimize their well-being are more likely to engage in and stay with exercise, eat foods that energize them, sleep better, and do healthy things to continually fuel and refuel their well-being. The WBW engages the participants in a variety of group experiences that when combined with facilitator debriefing enhances well-being, which leads to transformation of one's mind, body, and spirit.

I decided, what the heck, I’ll try it and was picked at random for one of the trial Well Being Way groups. It’s not an exercise program or healthy eating program, it’s more about learning how you feel and how you want to feel to help adjust how you exercise, eat, sleep, and relate to others. This is an eight week program, so you’ll hear updates from time to time about the Well Being Way.


Rachel said...

Cool dude, good luck. 2 blogs, wow.

Heidi said...

that is a lot of responsibility. Good luck with that.

joybird said...

it is a lot of responsibility, considering i can barely keep up with this one!

Erin said...

Joy, you can set up your blogs to get posts via email, so if you don't have time to log in, etc. - you could just shoot off a quick email to update the blog.

I'll be watching both blogs!! :)

joybird said...

ooh, i didn't know that! i will check it out.