Tuesday, February 02, 2010

LOST, Work and Reunions

Did everyone get to see LOST tonight? Crazy stuff is happening, as usual. And as usual, I'm pretty confused by it. Don't worry, I won't write anything about what's going on, in case people aren't able to watch it or just don't care.

Lately, I've been busy with work, planning lots of alumni football games and traveling with work. We've gone to West Texas the past two weekends for alumni games and it's been fun so far. It's a little tiring trying to get people organized who resist organization and details, but fun at the same time. West Texas is pretty rural, some oil towns and small town USA. We've been getting some decent crowds out there, b/c some of these towns live for football. Both weekends we've played games in the Friday Night Lights stadium, Odessa Ratliff. I haven't seen the movie or the television show or read the book, but I know it's based on Odessa Permian High School and we'll be hosting their alumni game in about a week and a half. Their high school stadium is a smaller version of Yager. It holds about 17,000! For high school football. Crazy. I still can't quite comprehend the idea that I'm getting paid for my work during the week AND I get paid for working games on the weekend. Definitely not used to that! =)

My high school is planning a reunion this year. It will be out 13th year reunion. We haven't had a 5 or a 10, so I guess the class officers had the time to do it now and didn't want to wait any longer. Honestly, I'm not all that interested in going. I always wondered how I would feel about it when the time actually came around to go to a reunion. Now that I live farther away and am still settling in to a new community, I'm not planning to go home for the reunion. I just don't feel the need to go. I'd rather go home later in the summer, around the time a friend is getting married. Maybe I'll feel more like going to the next one. It's not that I feel like a complete failure, like I did five years ago, b/c I feel a little bit more comfortable in my life. It's that I feel like I don't have much in common with what I see people posting on facebook. I'm not married and I don't have kids and that's the stage that most people my age are at in their lives. Part of my hesitation is my underlying social anxiety. I'd rather keep moving forward in my life right now than revisiting my past. Another part of me hopes that by the time we reach the 20 or 25 year reunions, I'll feel even more comfortable in my life and be more inclined to consider going. We'll see! Any thoughts on reunions?


PotchMcClosk said...

I've seen friday night lights...that will probably be an exciting game to go too! I'm glad the job is going well!

I hate reunions... that's my thought on that! lol... but I think i'm just not a fan because I only went to my school for 4 years, and did not have the deep roots that some people have with their school!

joybird said...

Thanks Potch! I figured I wasn't the only one to hate reunions!

I'm way behind if you've seen Friday Night Lights...haha. Since you love football so much. =)

mdog said...

i went to both my 5 and 10 year reunions. it was fine, not exciting, not horrible. i also graduated with 100 people and we pretty much knew each other since kindergarten, so that could be a factor. but yeah, that being said, a friend getting married is a way better reason to go home!