Monday, February 08, 2010

The Office, Brothers & Sisters, Pictures

I caught up on a couple television programs that I usually watch this weekend. I know The Office is a comedy and while I think it's hilarious, it also has a dramatic side that tugs at my heart strings. I watched the one where Toby is remembering a bunch of things that have happened over the years and the Jim and Pam story gets me every time! That sequence of clips made me cry while the scene where Jim dresses up like Dwight and talks just like Dwight to drive him crazy is SO FUNNY. I couldn't stop laughing even though I'd seen most of those clips before.

I started watching Brothers & Sisters about a month before I left Oxford. It's such a good show. I love their family...they tell each other everything and are very close. It's not a perfect family, they have their share of arguments, but in general they communicate with each other to help resolve things. The Walkers are somewhat dramatic, but the amount of love and support that they show for each other makes me want to jump into the television, join their family and change my last name. Desperate Housewives was good last week too, I think this has been a good season for the show.

I've uploaded some new pictures to facebook and to my flickr account...the link is on my sidebar!

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