Sunday, July 09, 2006

bathroom faucet

So, the most exciting thing of the day was when I cleaned out the little screen and filter thing that the water comes out of on my bathroom sink. Before, it really annoyed me b/c the water sprayed in every direction and got all over the area outside of the sink and there wasn't really a concentrated stream of water. It's so much better now! I figured it was an easy solution.

Other than that today, I just read a lot and worked out. I hope to get back into the habit of visiting the gym like I need to. Bible study was tonight with church after. I had to hoped to organize my closet, but maybe I can still work on that tonight (tomorrow is more likely). Too bad the weekend is over.


e_doe said...

that sink thing is exactly the kind of "quick-fix" i start on a thursday night and then do something stupid like break the screen and then spend the rest of the evening looking for the solution online but getting distracted by all the other stuff the have on the internet now while the faucet is still drip, drip, dripping away and then i end up spending my whole weekend driving back and forth about 6 times between lowe's and home depot only to find that i had the spare part in my toolbox all along.

so i applaud you, joy, for getting the job done right, the first time.

joybird said...

well, i did ask my dad about it first and he showed me on his sink. there were about 3 screens in there, so i cleaned two and threw the third (dirtiest) one away...who needs three screens? i wasn't sure if i was going to have to buy something or not.

good luck with your quick fixes.