Sunday, July 16, 2006

Saturday Happenings

My Saturday was adventure filled and action packed, a rare occurrence for me. It actually started on Friday with a "camping" trip that turned into watching movies in the AC. Saturday we (5 of us total from our Lifespring Bible Study) woke up and drove to Brookville, IN and went canoeing on Whitewater River (not the most glamorous spot in IN). We were swim-suited up and lathered with sunscreen ready for our canoeing adventure. I'd never been. It was a lot of fun. We traveled the 13 miles down the river in about 5-6 hours. We stopped several times for swimming. Swimming wasn't really ideal b/c the current was stronger than it looked. The 13 mile trip was pretty long and we weren't sure if we'd ever make it to the end. We did finish, and pretty successfully. No one tipped over...Becky and I fell out once b/c we leaned the same way, but technically we did not tip! Another tidbit of information - we were one of the few sober groups out on the river yesterday...and there were a lot of people!

After such a long day, we decided on dinner at the CB was well deserved (we did work our arms pretty well). From there, I headed back home to shower and change and then drove back to Cincinnati for a co-workers party. I arrived at the party late, but in time to make the flip-cup tournament (yay!). I'd never met most of these people before, but they are some serious flip-cuppers. There was a seeding round before the tournament began and then it was round robin. Our team came from behind to win the tournament! How exciting! However, I'm still mad at the co-worker who hosted this party b/c he's leaving to get his doctorate. Good for him, bad for me (and our department). Stay posted for upcoming changes on the workfront.


Rachel said...

glad you had fun!!

mdog said...

ooooo... i'm in suspense.

joybird said...

i am right there with you.