Sunday, July 30, 2006

Landlord Issues

OK, so you all know that I moved a month ago. I finally talked to my landlord on Thursday about my security deposit only to find out that he's not giving it to me and there's nothing I can do at this point. After talking with Rachel and we were both really pissed off about it, I decided to write a letter. We think that it is ridiculous that he's not giving it back.

1. It wasn't that dirty, I only swept the floors, but that was b/c it was filthy when I moved in. He says I left the stove, refrigerator, and windowsills not wiped off. was an absolute mess when I moved in.

2. After some librarian-detective skills Rachel found there is an Ohio Landlord Tenant Law that states all correspondence must be done in writing (home boy hardly EVER answer the phone let alone correspond in writing) and within a reasonable amount of time, such as 30 days.

3. Ohio Landlord Tenant Law also states that he must provide an "itemization of deductions" from my security deposit. This translates to, there ain't no way in hell that he paid someone $450 to clean the stove and the refrigerator, so you might as well just give me my money back, biotch!

It's so sad b/c these guys probably do this to everyone who moves out of any of their buildings to make some mad extra cash. These people never did anything to improve the building. I didn't even have a light switch that worked when I walked into my apartment and most of the windows didn't function properly. Why are landlords usually so negligent? I haven't known too many that were great at what they do, especially for raking in a lot of profit on rent. Anyway, I was extremely mad and hope to get some type of compensation for my letter. Hopefully my small threat will weaken their stance.


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I think that should do something. They do have to provide an itemized deduction-I went through this with my last landlord, as well, he kept calling and harrasing me-he actually wanted me to come back over and clean what he thought was unacceptable! I think you should definitely follow up with it, because I HATE shitty landlords. And, um, you deserve your money back-so don't just do it for me=)