Friday, July 07, 2006

Fashion Sense

Could someone please explain to me why, when I was 10 years old, I would wear a t-shirt that fits me in present day? I'm at the very least, a good 50, maybe 60 pounds heavier than when I was 10 years old. As I was going through and trying on old t-shirts from various vacations and Girl Scout camps, I was amazed that those are shirts I can still wear. Some of them are too big for me to wear now. WHY DID WE WEAR OUR CLOTHES SO BIG IN THE LATE 80s, EARLY 90s???

Last night I wore my Math Counts t-shirt (8th grade) to work out in and it was so comfortable...I'm so glad I didn't put it in the throw-away pile.

Yes, I realize this post is pretty much meaningless.


e_doe said...

I love old t-shirts. I have one that says "I heart Sunday School". I used to wear it out to clubs but now it is too small for me. I have this pseudo-goal to get back into it someday.

Everything was bigger in the 80s. Except the pants. Those got bigger in the 90s. Oh, how I miss my Hammer pants and Skidz.

You say meaningless, I say Nostalgic.

mdog said...

math counts. awesome.

i still can't figure out the uber-large wardrobe style, either. i have many shirts like you do, that i will not wear because they are far too big. i wonder what i will think of my current clothes in fifteen years...

i'm going "home" this weekend... you're making me want to go through old clothes while i'm home and see what i can salvage.

joybird said...

I probably would have felt differently about going through old stuff if it had been on my own terms. We will probably be wearing the big stuff again in 15 years.

I remember the big sweaters with the leggings and stirrup pants. Are those really be coming back. Old shirts are fun!

Rachel said...

I really enjoy the sentence "Are those really be coming back." Anyway, yeah, we've talked about this before. Crazy baggy shirts. I'm wearing the circa 1992 Esprit postcard shirt today. And it still fits, even though I'm majorly fatter than ever before. I am really not into the current legging trend. And I rock my math counts AND science olympiad t-shirts all the time.

joybird said...

I believe that sentence was a combination of "and those might really be coming back" and "are those really coming back?" Thanks for pointing it out though.

joybird said...

And, yeah, I think I might have had that ESPIRIT shirt in 6th grade, but I can't quite remember.

Maria, let us know if you found anything good.