Monday, July 24, 2006

Car Audio

The ending to a great weekend in Kent, OH was not so great. I’m driving and trying to plug in my cell phone charger b/c the phone battery is barely hanging on. All of a sudden, my clock and car audio are both out and the charger isn’t working either. I pull off at the next exit to see if I can figure out what the deal is. No such luck. I spend at least a half hour trying to go through the manual, figure out what fuse goes to what function, and pull out the fuses I think might be the problem. Those stupid little things would not budge, even with the “pull out” tool provided. Bastards! I finally give up and get back on the road. Called Rachel, called my dad, both quick calls and my battery starts beeping in my ear. So not only can I not tell the time or listen to music for a 4-plus hour trip, I can’t even talk to anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for turning off the radio every once in awhile to be silent, but not for 4 hours. I stopped at a gas station to ask if anyone knew how to change a fuse, but nope. I tried again myself for another 15 minutes or so before giving up and getting back on the road. To the silence.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I took some tiny back road off of 71 b/c it was a straight shot to little tiny Oxford (it sucks living 30 minutes from ANY major highway). In the complete dark and silence, I’m winding my way through this road, not having any idea where I am and had to turn around twice. Finally, I made it to Lebanon and route 63, which is what I wanted in the beginning. After all that, I got home about 12:30. And still have no clock, car audio, or functioning cigarette lighter. Great.


Rachel said...

That sucks. I know you are going to be really lost if you can't light cigarettes in your car.
(But seriously, 4 hours with no music really does suck).

joybird said...'s a pain using a lighter all the time.

Heidi said...

You should just drive with your headphones on listening to your Ipod. Ugh...I have a friend who does that. Right.

Lori said...

Hope you can get it fixed soon!

Great talking to you last night!