Thursday, July 20, 2006

Painting Fun Part II

Last night I got to see Potchy’s new house, hang out, and help her paint the kitchen. The house is great (far from me though) and she’s done an excellent job with all the painting. There was a bit of trouble getting the right color of green, I think there were actually about 6 samples of green in different areas of the kitchen. Asparagus was finally the winner. We were only able to finish one coat last night, so I’ll be anxious to see the final product after coat 2, and possibly coat 3. I’m excited for her and Shaun’s upcoming wedding, can’t wait to see how everything turns out. I even had a hand in helping with the ADORABLE invitations and a small portion of the programs. I would put up a picture of the invite, but I’m behind the times and haven’t gone digital as of yet due to insufficient funds.


Rachel said...

i like asparagus.

joybird said...

i liked the asparagus too, but apparently the color didn't go over as well as i originally thought. potchy is changing colors again!

Potchy said...

Ha! Look at that, I got a little cameo appearance in your blog ;P Thanks for the kind words about my house/painting & invites!!! We should get together again sometime soon. I'll try and give you a call next week when i'm feeling better ( i have to have a freakin' root canal on monday!! can you believe it! in the meantime, it's pretty dang painful... ick :( )