Sunday, July 02, 2006

from Toledo

...on my parents' circa 1996 slow computer. I haven't been home since Christmas, so I was feeling guilty about not visiting and decided to take a long weekend. It's been ok so far.

Yesterday, before leaving the Cincinnati area, I stopped to meet Scout and Mdog. We had a nice lunch at Macaroni Grill (yummy) and caught up on things since the last time we were all together, which had been too long, probably about a year. We all lived together in 211, the Mello House, my senior year of college. We were remembering and laughing about the good times of college and the MUMB and then talking about current stuff too. It was great, as always, to see them!!!

Haven't done much in Toledo, visited with my parents and friends last night, church this morning, and a random shopping trip to Lowe's and Giant Eagle. I ran into a high school classmate at the grocery store. Very interesting that she has an 8 yr. old (was pregnant at the end of high school and apparently know one knew), got married in July of '97 and then got her GED, is not happy in her current marriage, etc. She didn't really ask anything about me, except where I live and that was fine. We'll see what the rest of the weekend has to offer, besides hot and humid-ness!

P.S. I'm sorry to those of you who couldn't take Monday off.


mdog said...

macaroni grill was, indeed, yummy. and it was good to catch up with you guys!

"do you have to take your pants off for that?"

Rachel said...

get me some pickles from tony packo's. except you probably already left. dammit!

Heidi said...

That's so funny that she was willing in a short time to let you know how miserable she was and yet didn't ask you anything about yourself. Makes you glad you went on, huh?

Lori said...

Hey! Who was it you ran into?